February 29 sslc results Sidst udgivet den 29-02-2016

We now supervise about 35 children of whom 10 schools for children with learning difficulties and the remainder in mainstream schools. Our guidance in schools for children with learning very difficult is that they get there than 1on1 counseling. That may not have the ZML-school itself and the children would learn less without such guidance. In mainstream schools, we also provide the guidance, but usually a few hours per day or per week. We are paid from a combination of AWBZ money or money from the student-based funding. When we started this, there was a lot more possible.

You could children with disabilities in school ingest because you could show exactly how many hours you worked in the classroom. The backpack means more hands in the classroom. Sometimes also sslc results AWBZ care possible. A child with Down syndrome takes money, and that helps. You notice that there are considerable cuts in budgets. There is cut on personal budgets. Fewer indications are being issued or lower. Sometimes having children with disabilities not AWBZ money where they first did have that right. Betty worries about the future: Now go out the backpacks. 

That money goes into the management of cooperating schools. But not all schools have students with disabilities. The director of the school where I have two boys with Down syndrome accompanied has already said that he exactly what we charge. He will then declare the costs there, but he must then renegotiate. It is not certain that he again. Infinite examined the expenditure of resources for students with be perking. 48 According to that report had in October 2008, 36,500 children, or 1. 4% of pupils in primary and secondary school backpack. This had involved 400 million. The distribution of schools is uneven. The percentage backpack students in special education and practical training was 8% and 6%, much higher than the average.